Momentary loss of ocd????

Whoa! I just about made a BIG mistake....well it probably would have been more embarrassing than anything :)
How fast can you find it???
 LOL! First I made the cover...then the rest of the album....then took pictures....then edited them...then uploaded them to SSB....then put the code onto my eBay page....THEN, while choosing a gallery picture, I saw it! I was so bummed :( I mean that's a good one. Not a misspelled word, not something a little crooked, or even those little glitches in the sewing....
So, here is what it should look like of course :)
   I had a lot of fun making this one. There's nothing better than having it just go together so :)

Have a peek on EBAY! Thanks for looking! :)

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Tammy said...

Oh no, that's the worst ~ after taking all the photos (and pretty funny). I've had tags upside down or flowers missing that I didn't notice until I look at the pictures ~ I hate when that happens.