Hello & Welcome to my first ever post on my first ever blog!

Well, I'm all settled in with a new group of ebay peers. I've joined the Making Lemonade Design Team! They sure are a group of great women :)
The first challenge I've been around for was to make a "green" project. I chose to use my cricut and make this *fancy* little birdhouse album like this kit another seller had on ebay. I bid up to $41! {This would make the coolest Mothers Day gift!} I bid a second or two too slow and lost, but I couldn't be happier for that! I figured out that a cricut cartridge called "stretch your imagination" had the dang thing right there on it! So I spent $35 and got the cartridge instead! Hey I'm a paper artist, I should be able to come up with the kit part myself, right!? Now, back to my "Green" project. After much tinkering with the new deep cut blade and housing, I finally got my chipboard birdhouses cut out--which I might add were cut from Reeses puffs cereal box and a box from the individual packs of Quaker instand oatmeal! Plus to be my best "green" I figured instead of picking out some special -just out- papers, that I should use up some from my overwhelming stash. I chose some MME...did some basic swirls and flowers from the cricut, a couple simple primas, added rings -n- ribbons, and ta-dah! I have my first ever *made from scratch* birdhouse chipboard album! I learned sooo much, (besides the fact that I don't ever want to use regular weight papers again!) & can't wait to make my next :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!
Awesome Job Brandy! kristi :o)

Denise @ kc242 said...

Very nice start! Love the album!