Well another day races past...wish I had a time machine! Between kids growing up too fast and house chores, I sure find it hard to fit much "me" time in. Then fit crafting in there too? We are talking mass amounts of coffee, and wee hours! I love them both dearly.
This seems to be a very wishy washy time of the month for me. My creative drive must be run by the moon or something! You know, sometimes you can only imagine... sometimes you just want to be a base maker drone...sometimes all you can do is the beautifying. Sometimes it is really hard to get an album to flow right out!
I have come across some super-cute spring papers and my head is just spinning thinking of the ways of using them! Number one, I'm thinking I might make my Mom an album with them for Mothers day... then of course theres ebay. I have to make two albums without burning myself out in the process!
So I've littered the kitchen table once again with the papers, chipboard, primas, ribbons, and any & every coordinating embelishment I have on hand! Then it's like going to my favorite buffet, and ready for a feast! :O) I feel like getting more progress done on them tonight, but I'll try and post some pictures of my productive mess tomorrow.


Tammy said...

Funny Brandy, I'm right there with you. I couldn't create a thing this week if my life depended on it!! But I did do some paper cutting outside while my girls worked on their school projects!! ~ "creative drive run by the moon" hmmmmm I wondered the same ;-)

Little Scraps of Heaven Designs said...

Hi, come see the surprise at my blog that I have for you.

Emily said...

Girl, I'm right there with you! I sat and looked at paper for 2 days before I even got a start on anything! I never have problems with ideas for albums when I'm SHOPPING for paper and embellishments! Then I sit down to make it, and it never works out right! I wish I had a starbucks in my back yard :-)