Little Wonders

Hello! I'm going to be brief tonight, but I wanted to post on my newest album. It will probably be my last made for the next couple weeks, as we will be moving. I'm so not looking forward to all that work! Though I am happy to be moving from the house we have lived in for the last three years.
Talk about your unique papers! This line is by Crate Paper. It's called Little Sprout... a little woodland creature meets baby themed adorable paper. "Little Wonders" is the first of three albums I've got going on with them.
It's set up like most of the rest of my paper bag albums... Large journal pages in the bag sides, and smaller ones where the bottom of the bag is folded over. Primas, die cuts, ribbons, fibers, machine stitching, clips, glitter, and brads, all wrapped in three little paper bags! I guess I might mention I do my bag albums a little different than I see most people do them regarding the binding. I like them to be as free moving as possible, so instead of stacking them inside each other, I stack them on top of each other. Does that make sense? LOL...I need to catch up on some sleep!
To see the rest of the pictures, you can check out the auction on ebay right now! Thanks for looking :)

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Tammy said...

Gorgeous paper bag albums!! You make me want to give them a try again, it's been so long and I have so many paper bags!! lol

I have a small something for you at my blog ;-)...