Let's Go A Haunting!

I love Halloween, it's one of my favorite holidays. Fall comes in colors of red, orange, brown...then BAM, Halloween comes and throws in purple and black and green, making for one of the most awesome color pallets!
Tonight I listed my first Halloween album. I like the horizontal rectangle, it gives great little layouts just the right room. This paper line is called Haunted by Cosmo Cricket. Yeah, I LOVE me some Cosmo Cricket!! The paper pack comes with awesome stickers, so you can't help but spend the extra $$$ and get the chipboard shapes that the stickers fit perfectly over top of!
After all that careful tracing, cutting, gluing, and of course finally sanding every edge, I had one pretty neat album to fill :) I have to point out one funny thing... this dang little swirl is suppose to show the bats flight pattern right? I made it from one straight row of connected pearls and it was soooo hard to get it right! LOL!
I love how this page turned out, I cut that leafy-vine-flourish thing out by hand and inked the chipboard bat with metallic ink. This picture really doesn't do it justice now that I stare at it for awhile! LOL
I have been a little bored with the usual machine stitching lately so I scribble stitched some photo mat corners by hand with orange thread. I scissor distressed all the photo mats and a few accents too. I think it turned out alright, I already have some plans for an album to finish off the papers though! Check it on ebay!


Terry Oulboub said...

Your albums always leave me speechless. It's so delightful, all of the work you put into these wonderful creations! Absolutely beautiful!

mysweetpaperdreams said...

You did an amazing job Brandy. You are so talented ! Love your style :)

Tammie :)

JAN said...

your halloween album is to die for i spotted them over on ebay and just was knocked down by your talent and designs..i am from the UK and we dont see many albums like yours over here. Very inspirational. Also outstanding and if i could afford it i would your amazing fall leaves paperbag album is a pure treasure to behold, visually stunning and looks beautifully enticingly tactile too. You must get so much pleasure and sense of achievement out of creating your album masterpieces

ocbrandy said...

Thanks girls!
Jan, the pleasure and self achievement of creating mini albums IS phenomenal! Like therapy :)

Thanks for stopping by again Terry!

Tammie, hope all is well with you!
I'm gonna stop by "your place" and see what you've got going on these days :)

retiredB4long said...

I've been following you for a couple of years and have purchased several of your scrapbooks. I love your work so keep it up.

Stephanie said...

REALLY SUPER CUTE!! wow... amazing..
with a grin,