Boy have I been dragging today! Crashing hard from staying up way to late last night and then woke up way to early today! I am pleased to say I finished up some albums that have been taking me forever to finish up! Four of them to be exact :)
This was the second album made with this Karen Foster paper. Since Mother's Day I've needed to get this thing done! Yeah today is the day :) Orinially it was intended for my mother, but I just couldn't pull it together!

This next album was made with some paper that was adorable I loved it! I am so glad It's all gone, not one scrap left! I think I did pretty good, starting out with only nine sheets of the My minds Eye "bloom" paper... and be able to make two albums? (the flower/coffee filters album in my last post was the second) I love making the paper bag albums and leaving that extra pocket jobby in the pages, rather than waste that little space just calling for some journalling tags!

Yes, that is Spongebob Squarepants that you see! I have three kids... I saw the papers....I couldn't resist! I wish I could have found more embellishments, but I think the stickers and my trusty bottle cap turned out alright.
This is the other set of My minds Eye papers I bought. I made two albums from these also! I made this flower one below, different than I usually do. Instead of tracing and cutting out the whole flower shape by hand, i made a petal template and cut them all out individually! 10 pages x 8 petals = 80 of them babies! Love the buttons too :)

This is the other made with "grow" papers. It was a big album compared to what I am used to, 6x10. With this album I used some of the pages from those making memories journalling notebooks. They are really a challenge to use I think, if you are not using a 12x12 page! They just barely fit, but i think itdoes give a neat way of expressing your thoughts about the photo on the page. The auction on ebay ended this evening on this one.

So this means I have four albums listed right now! That's a lot to choose from, I hope they do well :) Go check 'em out, you know you want to see the rest of the pictures anyway! :)

New flower album

Well I finally listed a new album tonight. Feels like I've been working on it forever...I suppose that's because I have been! I am using the new my minds eye, bloom and grow collections. So far I've made two albums from each variety of papers. Two flower albums, a chipboard and a bag album. I'll be listing them as I finish up their final touches. I hope they all do well, with bids that is! And boy, does that bring me right in to my next subject... I just had a second album of this week end with no bids. I'm pretty frustrated too! They were both so unique, I just don't get it. I have listed them on etsy, hoping their owners will find them soon! :) well, go check out the latest anyway!------>

Accent Scrapbooking's Chipboard LOVE Album

I just finished up my latest Accent Scrapbooking design team project. It was a word album that says "LOVE". Now there's something a little more special about *this* word album... this one has clear acrylic letter overlays! This is only my second word album but it was pretty fun! The acrylic letters make for a very sharp word album I must say! You can give each letter that silhouette and really make it stand out! BUT, as working with all acrylic, you must spend all the time and care keeping them crystal clear. It is not easy! At one point all my letters where zipped up in snack baggies! I got so eager, finished up the letters and still had all the photo mats to do. It worked great, I think it helps to know just what will show on the outside, then fit the inside in afterward. I hope to be listing it on ebay today! Hope you check it out!