I'm a little late as usual posting, but I have great news! I've been inspired to once again make a few cards! After making thousands of handmade greeting cards, most of which were sold on eBay, I suddenly grew tired of making them. I'm sure a new baby (my second child), many life changes, and of course my interest in mini albums, just drained me of my card making mojo. This week Pocket Full Of Papers is having a handmade greeting card challenge that is part of the Holiday Shoppe we're hosting this month.

Be sure to search PFOP on eBay to see all the handmade paper goodies and designer handmade cards,we have to offer this week!

 I had no idea when I started making a couple cards for the challenge I would end up with a whopping 25 so far!

Some of them really have a lot of my "oc" designs, like bouquets, or tiny flowers adorning a fence.

Something new for me in cardmaking has been machine sewing many of the layers. I love on cards just as much as on album pages!

Instead of using the regular quarter-fold size cards, I've given square, 5x5 cards a try. These have been a nice fun change too.
I listed two sets of cards on Sunday, and just listed three more this evening on eBay so be sure to check out the rest!


Anonymous said...


You are very prolific! 25 "cards" I don't think I've make -25- cards TOTAL!

Gosh...they look BEAUTIFUL all laid out in this photo! You are VERY good with color and layout!

Like how all your cards "match" and I recognize so many of these "papers" im MY "paper" hording collection!

P.S. Love flowers and butterflies too!

Dee2 said...

Beautiful Brandy! I will try to get your new listings up on the blog soon. :)

kitsNbits said...

whoo hoo brandy!! 25 cards wow, you are really on a roll. They are all beautiful !!!

Tammy said...

You are the woman -- 25 cards! And all beautiful too. You're right -- the stitching is wonderful!

Tammy said...

Oh my goodness!! They look so cool all in one photo like that!!

It's great to see you're having such wonderful success with your cards on Ebay ~ but don't give up on albums ~ I LOVE your albums too!!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Brandy you ROCK!!! i love the cards!! they are beautiful..but i have to tell you, i'm not surprised, EVERYTHING you make is so gorgeous!! You are one very talented chick! :o)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your eBay sales!

You go girl! I'm inspired again to maybe sell on eBay...disappointing sales @ our local church craft shows this year. LOTS of admiring looks @ my cards...but very few BUYERS~!